September 5, 2012

Are you Happy?

Aristotle focuses on the question of "What is Happiness?" in his first book, as well as the goodness of man. He states on page 11 part (2) that most people conceive "the good life" and a healthy wellbeing is what makes you happy. He exclaims that the general concept of human happiness is when you go from rich to poor, or sick to well, or even gaining honor. That the state of the material life is what makes ones happy. Aristotle believes that in order to be truly happy, one must be feel self-sufficient and fulfilled. As stated on page 25 (vii) , “that which is always desirable in itself and never for the sake of something else,” he is basically saying that you can only achieve happiness by doing something for your self and never do something with an ulterior motive. I agree with Aristotle in this belief. I honestly don't believe things like money make you happy. Yes, money is freeing, but it doesn't remove any self-problems. I think the only way to be happy is by doing things because you feel as though it is what the soul truly desires.

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Shanae Simon said...

I touched on this a little in my blog, but I definitely feel that he is trying to convey that good and happiness are one in the same. If happiness is all these things you mentioned that I think it is safe to say that "feeling self-sufficient and fulfilled" is a good thing and that is what people strive for. I definitely agree that you must do something for yourself rather than for an ulterior motive because if it is not done to fulfills one's own desires then it is not being done out of "pure enjoyment."

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