September 5, 2012

Aristotle and science of Politics

Every man is a critic but it seems that Aristotle is trying to say that people are only good critics on things that they are knowledgeable in. And to be knowledgeable in a subject they must first have been taught that subject. But he goes on to say that to have good knowledge on one subject you must have been taught all subjects to understand it in full. Because someone has to have this much knowledge and life experience to be credible on a subject those of the younger generation, like me, cannot be true students of Political Science. He argues this statement by saying that we cannot be students of this subject because we do not have enough life experience or life conduct to be able to correctly argue this branch of philosophy. So what I want to argue is when someone is supposed to have enough life experience to be a good student as you could say. Because later he goes on to say something along the lines of it is not even a matter of age at some points but he also calls into question a person’s maturity level as well. For if it is the science of politics that determines who is able to learn what and to what extent they are allowed to learn it how is anyone to know when someone is ready for this power. 

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