September 17, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun

It saddened me to read the feminism readings. I understand that this was a problem in these days, but I did not understand the severity. I was originally signed up for a women studies class this semester, and I am almost glad that I ended up replacing it with another class. I do not think I could handle a whole class of these readings. This is not my cup of tea, and I feel as though, if I were alive during this time, that men would not like me. I would be a rebel. I would never be the women whom's place was at home or in the kitchen. I love to cook, but i do it for fun. If it were expected of me, I probably would not find it as "fun".

originally I would have thought that campbell and heilbrum were arguing the same point. however, after coming into the class discussion, it is to my understanding that campbell would "shake off and break away" from old publishing of literature to include the writings of women and heilbrun would "completely ignore, and come up with a new agent". This was not completely clear to me until class discussion, so I am glad that we talked this through.

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