September 5, 2012

Life with Aristotle

Aristotle had the opprtunity to bless our lives with life lesson 101. He sat down and wrote Nichomeans Ethics for us, and the true impact is so great. He pointed out that we as every day people walk our every day lives with the thought of one thing, HAPPINESS. Some of you might read this and disagree, which you can for it is called your opinion, and this is mine. We as college students came to school in order to reach our "happy" state of being. We felt that by coming to FSU that we will be equipped with the necessary tools to become a great person. We will be able to move forward in our lives with the thought of us doing wonderful things that in the end made us happy and come to a state of being accomplished/successful. Aristotle has given us the ground work or the foundation for this to become a reality in our lives. We have been aiming for happiness, which is at the top of the pyramid.

But, one must first establish a strong and solid foundation, in order for us to build and expand our goals. The main thing that I got from reading this piece is that one must act in a virtuous way in order for happiness to happen. The thing is we must think and act in a orderly way in order for us to move forward. If we think that we are good people, then we act as if we are good people. If we think that we are only decent people, we will only act in a decent manner. He basically let us know that the key to true happiness is in our minds. We must first come to an understanding that we can and will be happy, for we only search for the good in people, things, situations, and out of life. When we have gotten our mind in control and linked it with our soul and body, everything else will fall into place. We must remember that being happy is not a place or an object that once we get it we are done. Being happy is like having checkpoints in a race, you reach and act in a way to be happy in a situation, and once happiness is gained, one must continue to that next checkpoint in order for their life to be fulfilled and for it to be HAPPY!!!

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