September 5, 2012

Three Little Pigs

The highlight of class on Friday had to be the segment in which we were exposed to the modern adaptation of the three little pigs. Something so simple yet so abstract to the norm is the fresh air I seek in literature. What at first seemed like a few illustration changes turned into a whole new book that presented that seem to point out the fact that writing doesn't have to be so literal and caged. What I picked up from the story was the advantage take the opportunity to be taken outside of the box.

Thinking back on the story the modernize version seems to blend effortlessly from one story to the next without really causing much confusion yet still unpredictable enough to surprise the reader. Unlike other moderns day spoofs such as South Park and other cartoons that seem to rely on dry humor and profanity. The book seemed sort of preserve the innocence and nostalgia of the original piece. The pictures set up the set for your brain to act out the characters. However, the fact the piglets literally move around and (in this case hide behind things) make them stealthy and creates the new realm of a story.

I appreciate remediations such as the story for the creativity they bring to the table and how they keep writers such as myself on our toes. Writers can have many motives for writing but, we all want that next big piece. This genre of which this piglet story derived from can catch on. Writers are so used to a formalized system where a story has been beginning middle happy/sad ending since we were enough to read. Its time to not just push the bar but blur the borders surrounding literature. That story did a good job of that.

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