October 1, 2012

Beauty! Really is in the eyes of the beholder.

The meaning of a  word do not reside in the word nor the sign, but rather the interpretation of the word. This idea which was expressed in the The Meaning of Meaning, has made me truly think about how abstract words are. This ideal which we have been exploring in the last couple of classes, the idea that words are only really as descriptive as our own level of knowledge will allow. I almost feel enlightened to a certain extent because words such as beauty or trustworthy or love that cannot be described or explicitly defined illustrate this ideal perfectly.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mush like the meaning of words. Ones idea of beauty has very little to do with the definition of the as much as it has to do with the interpretation of the word. Beauty is determined individually by each person based on their culture, up bringing, and their societal views. Much like how words are interpreted. To one person the word ring might be preventative of a ring worm they had when they were ten that affected their ability to go play with their friends one summer. while for someone else the word ring may represent the engagement ring that they received from a love one as a proclamation of love. Our emotions and experiences are what determone the meaning of a word and even though a dictionary gives an "official" meaning to a word that doesn't take place of what each word means to each person individually.

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