October 25, 2012

Blog post for online class

If we are discussing the act of being able to interpret the project as a whole for its access alone I would have to say I was very confused by the layout of this website and the path that you follow to access the information. It seems as if you just keep falling deeper into the rabbit hole when it comes exploring what it has to offer. With this being said I feel like it distracts you from really understanding her critique of the women’s prison because while it is trying to create hypermediacy  I kept getting that rupture in the reality she was trying to create because I would get overwhelmed by the effects of the website. Furthermore, you could tell that her end goal here was to shed light on the horrible side of a women’s prison, however, if I look at Kinneavy’s chart on page 302 I begin to question what exactly this text would fall under(even if the diagram would be better portrayed in 3-D model).

While her critique is apparent because of the introduction page the extent of the project creates a problem with how you would define the basic purpose of the composition I do not believe that it is one sure thing because it has pieces from several different areas of Kinneavy’s chart; for example, it could be a journal or diary with the audio entries, it could be exploratory with the dialogues, scientific by trying to prove a point, or informative because it is similar to an article or report on the goings on. The fact that this project does cover so many topics makes the general interest hard to come to. 

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