October 22, 2012

broaden your horizon

I think the piece by Bolter and Gruisn really brought up the attention that the medium can really become the message of a text and visa versa depending on how it is represented. For example in the text "Ubiquitous Computing" virtual reality was the medium and the message. it was both because of the sense that you needed to use the medium to understand the message. you could do this by collaborating with reality or having it on it's own but the text itself was the medium, so the computer was a text and a source to release the software of the text.

This piece also allowed the analyzation of the text be become more broad.  Because not all text is literal text but could be images or the computerization of images. It allows the identification to be more accessible to the modern world (by it's example) and show how text can be received and show that text can coexist with the real world.

This piece also showed that discourse changed over time. Its like our brains we come up with new ways of thinking so the way that we articulate those thoughts will change with at was well. But this also brings up the problem of not very one being on the same page as discourse, because of their experiences. But i think that helps the development of discourse (our background differences) because it allows us to come up with new ways of thought, text and how we analyze text itself.

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Huong Le said...

I thought it was really interesting how this piece brought so many new technologies into play. It does show how our ideas about discourse (and how we function in the world) become more complicated over time, and how we have to change our understanding to cope with that. As Ong wrote, we have to know our audience in order to create a world for them. Keeping up with changes like Bolter and Grusin discuss allows us to better connect to our audience. As our audience grows to expect more and demand new and more exciting experiences, we should try our best live up to their expectations.

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