October 8, 2012

Hitlers Identification

In Burke's essay “The Rhetoric of Hitler’s Battle”, he recognizes a few tropes that capture the essence of Hitler’s agenda. They all point to the idea of identification, the identification of people within society. Hitler speaks about the common enemy in his book. Burke sees this as a slowly moving identification process that begins with a society split by, “we do this” and “they do that”. Then in times of turmoil you either conform to the stronger side or be condemned by the stronger side,( you choose who you identify with). Then fascism kicks in and you terminate the weaker end and then you must identify with one set of ideals. Fascism revolved around the idea of identification. Hitler had all the roads lead to Munich; he wanted it to be the center of the “Empire”. This is because fascism creates a superior identity and for it to work everybody needs to work together “the machine”, to support the capitol and in turn the one man running the show, Hitler. Of course in Hitler’s identification process it was an unfair system, your identification was inborn. You were born with your identification because it was determined by race, ethnicity, religion, skin color. 

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