October 22, 2012

Hypermediacy: Making Computers an Extension of Ourselves

I was interested in the concept of hypermediacy and how technology changes to suit our wants and needs. This reading was written in 1999, and technology has advanced a lot since then. Still, many of the technologies described were very familiar. By including computers in every activity, they become like an extension of ourselves. Bolter and Grusin don't seem to like the idea of computers being involved in everything, they have concern about how computer track their users. So, while these things give us great convenience, they believe they can be used against us. I would say that currently many people view some of their electronic devices as an extension of them selves, particularly when it comes to cell phones. We become so used to our screens that they may as well be a visual overlay over our world. I, personally, know I've been playing a video game for far too long when I begin to imagine the user interface around me in real life.

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