October 8, 2012

McCloud's Vocabulary of Comics

I enjoyed McCloud a lot being not only an retired avid fan of Comics in some sort but, also because of the fact that I used to be an art student. Art is nothing more than language through a new set of symbols. I kept researching McCloud just to try and decipher his thought processes in relation to our whole anti-signification point.

Comics are iconic images that are used to represent ideas, images, or words. The best thing about comics is no matter how simple or complex they are in resemblance, they can  still draw on their points due to their image capabilities. Whether its a mona lisa or a stick figure the same image recognition of a girl is established. This is an example of our visual  recognition. Scott makes a valid point with words vs pictures. Pictures have the upper hand because they are read and "received" whereas words are spoken, heard and perceived. Thus, the silly notion that comics are childish forms of entertainment is quite sad because they actually can be better than our usual language.

In relation to our other theorists, whose problem with words deal with their lack of universal recognition or definition can be easily solved with the idea of pictures. Men are symbol using creatures but most of are symbols are visual. Thus comics have a significant importance that Scott highlighted.
That was the main big picture I seemed to pull from what I read. All in all a good concept. 

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