October 22, 2012

Medium vs Reality

After reading Bolter and Grusin I was able to get a grasp around the concept of ubiquitous computing and how it can creates alternate states of reality. It seems as if the state of virtual reality itself has been remediated into these new different forms of reality based on the mediums used. I didn't get a chance to look at the e-book due to the hassle of logging into the library system but I did read the pdf. It is safe to say having an e-book version of this provides an example of a remediation of reality as the library is replaced with a digital one or maybe even a book in itself.

I was searching for a connection or a sign of relation between Bolter and Grusin and the readings of Longinus and Kinneavy, but it seems very vague. On the topic of On The Sublime the way its as if Longinus speaks of an elevated reality. The techniques he discussed in an elevated form of writing can also parallel the same elevate form of a procedure by a doctor with an ubiquitous computer source to aid him. This is one way that the two discourses collide.

Although Bolter and Grusin did cover ubiquitous computing there are some themes that can possibly answer some questions regarding text/uality. The actual function or definition of text isn't established from what I saw, but the medium and message are somewhat related to specific examples of augmented reality from the text. In a real-world application the message in the book itself has been remediated into a digital form. This doesn't necessarily change the textuality of the message but it does show how medium and message can intertwine with each other. I now have a better understanding of this. Another question that (in some weird uncanny way) is answered by Bolter and Grusin is the change over time of discourse. If we use reality as a metaphor for discourse we can see how it can be altered and changed over time with different and augmented remediations. As far as the other questions in my opinion they don't seem to relate too much to Bolter and Grusin.

Before concluding, I think Bolter and Grusin wasn't a difficult read as far as interpretation. There are definitely three forms of reality, the standard virtual reality, the augmented reality and the telepresence. Its so weird how much I noticed the interactive overhaul being done to contemporary devices without knowing the ubiquitous realities being attached to do them.

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