October 26, 2012

Public Secret

I had to look up Langue and Parole  again to get a better since of each term. The Oxford Dictionary defines helped me realize that Langue refers to the language systems. Langue also deals with the rules and conventions of a given language, such as vocabulary, grammar, and things of that nature. Parole on the other hand deals more with speech or the utterance. Parole deals with language as the personal phenomenon of language. 

Although both Langue and Parole are considered two different things they definitely can be used at the same time. Sharon Daniel uses both Langue and Parole in her hypertext essay Public Secrets. To me the title even plays with the words in it. In my opinion the words public  (represents the Langue) and secret (represents the parole) can play with the use of language and speech. When thinking of public you think of something open to everyone, which is language and language systems. When thinking of Secret you think of things that are more individual in speech. She gave other examples such as   “don’t ask, don’t tell”. She also uses the contrast of colors: black and the white. I also like how she not only has visual language on her page but she also gives you audio language. Instead of reading what each women that is incarcerated had to say you can just listen to it. Which gives it a more realistic appeal to it. 

The way that Langue and parole works together is that the Langue (signs and system) is what sets up the use for the Parole (speech to be used and engaged) which allows the realization of the individual message. 

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michelle reyes said...

I too had to look up language and parole to get a better understanding of the difference between the two. i kind of found the use of the title represent as language and parole as you did was kind of genius. It allows you to build a very strong case and let you start off with a bang since it is in the title. The examples you gave were very good such as the various uses of language through audio and visual.

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