October 25, 2012

Situated action

Are the actions of these women in prison a truly situated action? Is their behavior contextualized by their surroundings and the interactions with others? There seem to be so many secrets that everyone in and outside of the prison world seem are necessary. Daniel even said that the public secret makes the exapansion of the prison system possible. Of course, in prisons, you are surrounded by the same people and the same routine each and everyday. Do their actions come from this routine and the lives that they are surrounded by and placed into everyday? From Miller, these situated actions seem to create discourse. The interaction and daily interviews are considered discourse- as information and a message is being received. But, what is the medium? Is there only one medium?

Personally, I think that the women's voices serve as the medium. As they are relaying infomration to others in the prison, that infomrtaion and message is able to be presented to the outside world. Especially, since the women are noted as being "highly politicized" as they speak tot Daniel, they are aware that what they will be saying will be transferred to an outside world. But, then does that present a problem? Are they effecting the medium by altering the discourse?

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Adam Schwartz said...

I agree with you in the fact that the women's voices are the medium, but there is another medium present that I never thought of until reading some of the posts. The audience itself is a medium for this project. Without the viewer placing their mouse over the quotes that pop in and out of the screen, we would not be able to hear their stories.

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