October 1, 2012

Time is Everything

I found that reading this article was extremely different than reading Locke's writing. It seems that they view the use of words and their meanings to be completely different. The example of "Time is Money" is the best example of the view on words and their meaning. It also addresses the issue that words and their meaning can depend on their usage and where they are being used-not just a general complexity. I also think that they show that it is okay for certain cultures or audiences to receive words in a different way rather than it being a social or educational issue when they don't. Time is money is a phrase that is used everyday in the United States, but as stated in the article, definitely not in other cultures where there isn't an emphasis on well, time or money. Time is money is our reality and with that our culture. We focus on accomplishing our goals each day. There is at least one goal set in our mind each day because of our culture. Every night we go to bed, knowing we need to get up in the morning in order to get things accomplished.

Time is a valuable resource and time is a commodity are also true, but not used in our everyday language as much as time is money because aside from the aesthetic nature, valuable resources and commodity come from our culture's focus on money. The metaphors mentioned in the article are not subtle. They are addressing issues and the way our culture functions. Is it bad that we have a metaphor like "time is money" being used everyday? Does it send a subliminal message to our culture that depicts our reality? Or is it something that discreetly hides our reality in a way? As a metaphor, I think that it takes away some meaning from the words or gives them a new, less intense meaning. Time and money are two things that our society runs on and are surrounded by, but putting them in this term and type of metaphor makes it seem like it is not an issue and less problematic than it truly could be. 

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