October 15, 2012

What is Language?

To define the term language would be seemingly impossible. So I like to look at is as a tool. In the book Arab in America we see language used as many different types of tools. A tool for discrimination, a tool for protest, and a tool for justification. This does not give us a concise definition for language but it helps us understand that language is not just speaking and writing words. Language is not just a compilation of symbols and noises. It is not a simple idea. Rather it is a complex amalgamation of powerful forces  When you define it as a tool it takes on a greater meaning. It can articulate ideas, start wars, evoke feelings and insight action. How you use language as a tool I believe directly defines you and who you are as a person. Because language is something that everybody uses I think of it as a controlled measure of your character. Everybody is given the option to use language as they please their are no barriers to its usage, which make the way you use it unique to your character.

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