October 21, 2012

where would it fall?

I have been in intrigued by Kinneavy’s essay “The Basic Aims of Discourse” all weekend and where we left off with it during class on Friday. The idea that each type of discourse is categorized in 4 different genres that are then broken down into subsets is a very interesting way to view things especially with today’s media and the different forms of mediums we have. With this I am brought back to the question that was posed in class about why and how discourse changes and can’t help but think about this question in relation to how technology and our society has grown over the years. It seems that with the invention of any new type of technology we see the development of a new medium and with this new medium seems to come with the breaking up of Kineavy’s basic purpose of composition.

I agree with the statement that we made in class about the triangle no longer being pertinent to the form and that it should be replaced with another shape, perhaps a 3-D one. With all of our mediums of today morphing into something else the lines of what is really what begin to be blurred. Like with the example shown in class about Pinepoint I begin to relate this to different things that I have seen or even created myself and can’t seem to be able to classify them under one genre either. For example, I am creating a website portfolio for another class that once would be unheard of. With this we see the welding of online media with things that once belonged strictly on paper to be handed or mailed into different businesses. With this and looking at the chart I don’t even see a place where it could fall under a certain type of media because the ideas in the chart are so dated.

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