October 22, 2012

While reading Bolter and Grusin I felt like I was reading the prospectus of a movie script. Though the concepts are very rapidly emerging and some already real, the virtual reality being taken too far seems like another Matrix movie in the making. I am aware of the gaps in our updating world of graphics as presented by class discussion on Friday but I believe Bolter and Grusin jumped two steps ahead of where we are today. I can see easily through this text a message that is far more relevant to what we have been talking about and that is the apparent discourse in each medium and how they effect us. While they speak of doctors and classrooms using new technology to garner information and spread information the medium is a huge factor. The description of how the classroom worked seemed liked while those students and myself are hearing the same information my interactive classroom allows me to change the next course of action. One medium next to the other, while saying the same things, have different limitations.

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