November 5, 2012

Baby Talk:8.

Citational grafting belongs to the structure of every mark, spoken and written, in which each mark sprouts contextualization, connotation, horizontally and vertically throughout semiolinguistic fertilization (Landrow 33). Every sign, linguistic or referential, breaks every given semblance, engendering.. populating an infinity of new context in a manner which is absolutely limitless. When language is cited, quotation marks, brackets, parentheses affect by giving context voice speaking the dilemma of the thinker who sees the effect and wishing to blossom on the "mentalite". This process prompts gestation by way of the thinker disseminating, pollenating, through cited implantation (34). 

This vocal implantation is the methodology transforming textuality. Linguistic intercourse. Textual intercourse. Intertexuality. Rabid. Hypertext. Permitting linked, finessed "intrusions" of production caressing its structure (35). Intertextual copulation is the structural conversation of texts in relation to the larger system of signification.

When texts lack vigorous metanacity, the results are textual fornication--satisfying an emergent need, yet thoroughly unfulfilling. Fleeing from this ication: the moment in which we allow our idea to formulate by way of "bouncing" directionally against other systems. Violently, stubbornly, self-consciously, heartfully, "cordially", enduringly, patient-ly (35).

The experience of Hypertext Intertexuality is multivocal and is not constructed as only a conscious absorbing others, rather as a whole formed by the interaction of several. "Gestaltation of Gestation". The Gestated Voice is the larger meaning of the work: the compostion of experience, foci, cognitively dialogious. Hypertext has a recenterable system whose arrangement depends upon the reader (36, 38), who thereby becomes the arranger. Discrete aspions.

Rhizomes connect to any other point. Its traits are not necessarily linked to like genders, and a view of only the contrast of structures serves as methods of understanding. However, when the methods are "mappable", the rhizome also becomes an organizational and liberating tool. By reversing the controlling context of what the rhizome does not do through a show of what it does, proves a function of Deconstruction and is also Citational Grafting: A particular instance of gaining a vantage point by way of transplanting from one to another for the purpose of cerebral "insemination" (39).

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