November 19, 2012

Boring From Within

while reading Ann Georges article "Mr. Burke, Meet Helen Keller" the three rhetorical strategies that both used to push a leftist agenda in the 20's. Though only one wrote from a rhetorical perspective, both Burke and Keller met their resistant audiences by these three strategies; "boring from within, translation, and perspective by incongruity." The first two of these are both means of identification but I found the first very important when dealing with a resistant audience. People often take an accusatory tone or seem to come off with one to their audience when the topic is something they are wholly opposed to from the start, thus coming from within the group, and speaking as one of them and understanding things from the audiences perspective will make them more willing to listen. Connecting to an audience is essential to making a difference, whether it is just changing their way of thinking or moving them to action, a rhetor is much stronger when he is able to use these strategies and understands the importance of the first in being able to use the other two.

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Adam Schwartz said...

I found the idea of boring from within to be fascinating. The idea that you identify your ideas with the audience that you clearly oppose is a the perfect way of getting into the thick heads of people who can not be swayed. Helen Keller does this by presenting her stories and ideas as a person who can see and hear. Even though this process was not received well by critics, it still can be understood better by an audience. I will equate it to hearing a criticism about your favorite sports team from a rival team's fan or a person who loves the same team.

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