November 19, 2012

Keller and Burke

"I have never been a captain of industry or a strike-breaker or a soldier; neither have most people. But I have studied about them and I think I understand their relation to society."- Keller ("Blind Leaders" 56)" In other words, she gains knowledge and create a reality the same way most people do most of the time--through texts." (George)

The statement above is one of the clearer statements I have come across in this class--although Keller is impaired in many ways yet the practices the study still transcend to those who are unable to physically read Burke's writings. George recognizes that the experiences around Keller are what seems to have given her the ability to understand and criticize the her world.

I found the article by Ann George about he connections between Burke and Keller to be very interesting. George writing emphasizes the concept that our ideas are not "contained to the container." (Burke) No matter how small an experience changes a person whether it be their way of thinking or their way of life- some change is made. Keller and Burke had expeirences that drove their thought process however both led immensely different lives.

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Nicola Wood said...

Even though Keller and Burke led very different lives, I do agree that, in many ways, they were quite similar. They seemed to have similar political views, as well as similar rhetorical practices. I also think that since Keller made such a point to be just as competent (if not more competent) than the rest of her society, she can be considered as highly regarded as Burke in terms of the strides she made in the rhetorical world.

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