November 26, 2012


Gate’s text really hit home on the theme of language function for me. He spoke about the way people abuse of language to create the differences of race. I’d like to dedicate this post to my questions on the functions of language. Prior to this class I thought language was just a way to communicate what already existed, but between this reading and last weeks, I see how to use language to create the world the way we want to see it. If there is no word for something does it still exist? Can we bring a feeling or movement into existence by simply naming it?

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ca depend said...

We bring "language" into existence by feeling.. the problem is finding the "word" for it. And so we put language to use by means of conversation with what we do know and recreate significations.. that's movement.. lips moving even if they aren't saying much we identify with. We do identify with knowing what is said means nothing to us. Until we start talking to someone else who knows something about what we don't.

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