November 5, 2012

Our Ever Changing Landscape

As we knew from the title “hypertext and critical theory” we knew that above all else Lanlow was going to show the relations of texts that could be reached using a computer. Hypertext according to Lanlow on page 36 is, "composed of bodies of linked texts that have no primary axis of organization". In this day and age I find myself losing a grasp on the basic forms of text which conceptualize in prior books. The immediacy of a computer allows one to instantly access more information in littler time and may be the end to paperback entirely. Lanlow points out this shift to online media and how we are currently living in a digital age of rapid expansion.

In reality the constraints of printed text are too large for the world we live in today. Information is so abundant in society we have to take note of the way everyone else is treating print. As Lanlow describes how hypertext is a new form of thinking and understanding, I wonder if he is thinking that print media will be completely gone in our near future. If there is an end to print media, how are we going to distinguish which information is credible. It's so easily accessed there will become very little filters and popular misconceptions can become popular opinion. I understand that we are living in an ever developing world, but at this time the immediacy of internet hypertext still needs to be harnessed.

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