November 26, 2012

Screens will always play a huge role in "Race"

Gates refers to how language is used to transcribe how we feel about “race” and how the use of language allows us to maintain a biological criteria different than all others. Through our own terministic screens we all look at African-Americans differently, but the common use of derogatory language will always present a sense of a natural difference that isn’t like the differences in sex.

With regards to the use of careless language Gates notes, “To do so is to engage in a pernicious act of language, one which exacerbates the complex problem of cultural and ethnic difference, rather than to assuage or redress it.”

The way we signify our thoughts can be directly tied to anything we have learned, whether that be language or writing. We fill our beliefs with the experiences we have had in the past. The problem is that a derogatory language will always lead to some sort of screen that everyone has to go through whites and blacks.

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Culture and Acculturation.

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