November 19, 2012

See No Evil Hear No Evil, Puppet Master.

Mr. Burke met Helen Keller and in alphabetical order preceding, I met Mr. Gates:

Time is dwindling, and I found out today was a "blog monday" when class commenced.. and I've noticed I've began to strike through.. discovery.

I want to take this opportunity to Thank "Professor", as I believe the offs were put into place for relief purposes, and to encourage me to do what is required:

I noticed my eyes grasping the fluidity whose wells is tear ducts.. its been rough and its not over. I've already heard someone make the "whi'-whi" sound as expected, but it seems expecting the best for me is too dauntless. It seems when I lift from my "boot straps", I am pushed from overhead. But I suppose if I keep lifting, eventually what's pushing will move.. like the storm..

Truth is I feel you're aiming at me, when truth is you don't know me or my word I go by.
You don't know I hope I'm smart enough, intelligent enough to be black.. to be what I am. In all its prestige.. wise, ingenious, genius, "metaphysical", "exegetical" enough.
I'd hope you'd build me up and not tear me down..
wondering if mentors will suggest someone one wants to trample so another nigger doesn't make it..
And our Leaders will say let's move forward, and I'd say make it stop then. And if you say it stops with me, modify your "N" word.
And I wonder how someone can be so cruel..
And I'd talk to God and He'd fill my head with Holy Spirit, and in the evil cerebrating I'd pray you aren't evil enough to create an evil situation and taunt me to pray myself out of it.
What I'd hope is we both know how evil comes back around..
then you'd use my rhetoric against me, and I'd pray for pure accessions..
Otherwise what am I cooperating for if not to give the benefit of the doubt..
But I've done too much before..
I've tried too hard before..
or is modification she tries..
and is tries the benefit..
and is the "trained incapacity" the doubt (George 341)..

We've been "trained" to this "bondage" thing, and I am locating the boundaries between what's real and what I've been "directed" to imagine", both strikingly concealed, 'cause how can one 'deaf and blind from infancy know about people, about affairs": "take away our books, and what little do we know about history" (George 345).

"We cannot be free until we know the nature of our bondage and examine the chains that bind us":  Helen Keller...


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