November 26, 2012

s.f.u.. but learning.


“The poem is about art, figured in the urn, is more vivid than life itself. It is eternal life.. well .. until it burns.. or do ashes burn?(Rivkin/Ryan 6)

“The realm of universal meaning is beyond sensory experience and cannot be analyzed using scientific methods” (6).

“a kind being displaced by science” (6).

I pushed the F11 key on the keyboard three times to turn Mr. Harris’ philosophy down just a little. I needed to finish reading M(r)s. Rivkin and Mr. Ryan, and there just wasn’t enough time left.. right now.. and oh Lord.. that means someone isn’t going to have enough time to read my stuff..

We’ve been away from here five days. Plenty time to get things done.. catch up on assignments.. reading you know. I didn’t. I enjoyed my Family and hope everyone else did.

I tried calling my GrandFather on yesterday. He’s in a facility. I talked to two Aunties.. Auntie Ann .. well three.. Auntie Nora, Ann, and Deb.. Auntie Ann said Auntie Debbie, so I guess that means Debbie is Her preference. I don’t know them very well and I want to know them better. I need Aunties.

My Dad said one of them named me.. He said he didn’t meet His Father until he was 27. And as I type this, I’m thinking about what I wrote on yesterday to share.. but it may be too private:

I wonder how many things the department of psychology wants to change about me today. I feel like they’re “watching” me.. Rockwell J.. Rock well..

And as I marched to school today, the 27 on the “your speed” sign read 72.

“That’s how many.”

I want to know how much of a factor this race thing is..

I don’t want to talk it up.. I actually want it to go away.

I want everyone to get along in peace and harmony..

And I also wonder if that necessary evil will say “we need character you know”.

Well what about the nice ones I smile.

Do I sound my age? Am I immature? Am I growing?

I want my dream job..

No two dreams are "alike", are they Mr. Freud? Yikes!

Who’s recruiting I laugh inside. Silly..

Come get me. What am I good at? You see it?

I want to know everything about this mac..

I want to know how to do everything you don’t..

Someone already does.. cause someone made it..

I like pizza when I want it..

I like coffee when I want it, and I therefore have a substance dependency, “Dr. Hunter” do I?

So smart. And well spoken. Yep green line.. “well spoken”.

I looked for a job yesterday on the James Bond game my Nephew bought.

And I wish a lot was funny.

I wonder if SNL will hire me and let me work from Tallahassee.

I need to work for a long time. I can’t be fired. So work with me.

Or who else can strengthen my natural abilities?

Don’t try to intimidate me, just be your imperfect person please.

Or is the chemistry made from opposition at times..

Opposition like separation.

And I done "intimidated myself"..

What if they come? 00

Somebody ““”””don’t let me down please”””””.

And I almost don’t want to say this

Because “every action has a reaction”

And I do not want to be misunderstood.

I saw “Dr. Maxine Montgomery’s” name flash across the screen

And I took Her class a long time ago and I let Her down.

I should’ve done better.

I read all of them.

Ok, Ok.. look forward.. look forward.

Stop dwelling.

I asked God for $500 million

And I hope He doesn’t get me for revealing our “confidential talk”.

That’s in a scripture.

Oh Lord.

I hope the people I listen to are just as “down to Mars” as me.


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