November 26, 2012


The category of historical writing is very important in this piece and is still today. It has allowed "sources of all structures and feeling of thought: to "track the root of man [...] to consider the race itself" (page 3). And although I do slightly agree with this quote I find it hard to completely back it up. To me I almost feel like it is a way to separate the others from the white 'literature' writing. It is a way to put people in a box, that they are not always living in  "like a black person 'speaking black.'" The writing of the text is like a freeing mechanism and yet a shackle to this is what we are seen as, and sometimes that can blind people into thinking that is how that race is specifically (like generalizing everyone as redneck in the south). 
   But on a brighter note the creation of 'race' writing helped show the historical development of communication among people of different backgrounds and races. It helped showed or record (for the most part) the true relationship of how we as humans began to interact with each different people, on new levels. 

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You do have a valid point when you say what signifies a particular race from a certain form of literature. However, what I agree from Gates article is that no matter what, there will be view points, and perspectives and opinions due to one's race with the influence of literature.

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