November 18, 2012

Terministic Screens

Burke breaks up terministic screens into two sections. He breaks it up into scientific and dramatistic. Scientific viewing language as a definition and dramatistic viewing language as an action. All behaviors are said to be observed and examined through terministic screens. I have a question that I would like to ask. Is there anything in life where we can not or do not have to have a terministic screen. Will my child be already borned into the world in his own terministc screen? Burke explains that terministic screens are necessary. The human race cannot get along with itself on the basis of any other intuition. The human animal, as we know it, emerges into personality by first mastering whatever tribal speech happens to be its particular symbolic environment (53). This basically explains that without symbols there would be no initial personal intuition. How thought and action are based from something else. 


Kathrynn Ward said...

yes, your child will be born into a world with pre-determined terministic screens. We are taught everything we know. Every child that is born develops based on what we show them. We tell them that a chair is called a chair. unfortunately. As in the video we watched "Bitch bad", children are learning all kinds of terministic screens and tropes from internet and unsupervised activities. I think parents need to be keeping a closer eye on their kids. the world is corrupt these days, and the things children are coming across at such a young age is s shame. I wish that children could be raised differently and have more a clean slate, but I feel as though it is impossible with all of the things that our corrupt world teaches them. We are creatures of habit, and monkey see monkey do.

Anonymous said...

I believe we begin making them as soon as we begin using some form of symbolism to communicate. With that said, a lot of people begin speaking to their baby prior to birth. It would be interesting to know if the baby would begin making their terministic screens that early. Would that be their first experiences with repetition of words? I suppose it would have to be in some way. I know there are signs of babies being familiar with the parents voices. Very interesting question.

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