November 19, 2012

That Body

I thought it was pretty ironic that we were reading the Bulter piece "Gender Trouble" because in one of my other classes we had a similar discussion about the influence, importance and difference in the role of sex in gender in our society today. And in a similar conclusion (meaning in my other class) we agreed that gender is a verbal manipulation of how we as individuals are supposed to act within a society. I also found it interesting that Bulter found the the role of women and their relationship with their feministic role had a spot light on it (no matter negative or positive). That everything in regards to analogy and description and to do with the relation to the female body in full regard, by there is no mention of the male at all, almost ever. I wonder why must we connect everything with tis dichotomy of the female body? Why must we limit ourselves within these social realms of thought as females as physical objects and men as their dominator? Is there some social sweep or initiation that we can infiltrate to change the limited and 'troubling' persona?

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Cookie said...

I agree with you that we shouldn't limit ourselves to thinking that females are physical objects and men are dominators. Unfortunately, this has been idea that has continued for so many years that it's difficult to break away from it. Only recently have we been able to let women play higher roles in society. It shows that women are finally getting a chance and yet there is still alot to do that doesn't mean things aren't changing. It's a process that's going to take a while to adjust to. People usually don't want to stereotype because no one wants to be called sexist or racist but it's difficult to change your ways when there have been so many people who learn as children that the "mommy" stays at home to clean, cook, and nurtture while the "daddy" goes out to work. THey are important roles that do need to be fufilled in order to survive but that doesn't mean it has to be a gender assigned. So many dads stay at home to raise the children while the moms go out to work. Sometimes there is only just a single parent and they need to fufill two roles.
Atleast society is changing to adjust and we're not stuck in the 1950's.

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