December 3, 2012

One Last Post

Well, a couple days into December and I have a lot on my plate, especially when it comes to rhetoric. I do feel a sense of relief though, seeing as it's been about a week since I had to give my term "Alterity" a run down for the class using the readings from Gates. It was a tough term, it wasn't in the Bedford Glossary, but I made due and utilized our favorite technology: the internet.

The concept of Alterity is really neat to me, because I personally believe it requires a sense of empathy. For those who don't know it translates to "otherness." It's this idea where one can inhabit the mindset of another individual. For example, I'm Asian, but I've lived in America for awhile and I have a lot of Caucasian friends. I often times feel that I've diverged from my Filipino heritage because I inhabit this world of "whiteness." I don't know if I would call it a terministic screen. It's tough, because I feel like this is just who I am, but people often switch terministic screens. It's almost as if people are a set of terministic screens. It's probably a question I'll ponder for awhile.

Other things that have happened are things like projects. While taking this class, I'm also taking regular Rhetoric. I have just finished the last project which was a horror film about mis-using rhetoric. It was a lot of fun and we explored the ideas of Blair, Plato, Augustine, and all the other classical philosophers. The whole horror movie metaphor of bad rhetoric killing is just a really neat concept that I felt relates at times, obviously due to the fact that this is a rhetorical theory and practice class.

The other project I'm working on is, of course, this class's. I've decided on a screenplay as my multimodal aspect to the project, because I would enjoy turning the first essay, which was practically a screen play in the first place, into one. I would get to explore the minds of certain theorists and have them duke it out on some crazy tournament television show. I was very confused to the layout for the proposal though. Oh well, I'll find out feedback soon enough and hopefully the final project will turn out nice as I pit the likes of McCloud with Spiegelman.

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