October 26, 2012

black/white and the gray area in between

“Public Secrets” by Daniel was especially enjoyable for me. Like me, she is comfortable mix different mediums for the most effective communication possible. Doing this may turn some people off but I think it serves a greater good for the text. The multimodal reading engages the reader (“interpreter”) whether they like it or not and it also provides a more comprehensive understanding of the text and message being delivered. The play on black and white throughout the text had symbolic meaning for me. Perhaps it is supposed to remind us that the process of understanding isn’t just black and white. I wish more writers had a more fluid view on the delivery of his or her message and considered themselves “storytellers”, realizing they have more options than just writing. 


Victoria said...

I think more and more artists/writers are embracing the use of mixed mediums. To me, by using more than one way of showcasing something, you greatly increasing the chances of the audience understanding the point you want to get across. People are more receptive to certain genres over other ones, and so if you use more than one, you also increase your audience. Also, by combing different mediums into one project, the end result is usually a completely unique product that maybe able to explain a concept better than the use of any one singular medium could.

rachel rivera said...

I agree that this interactive sort of medium was engaging and made the text more...enjoyable. Just like in the "Point Place" documentary we were watching in class, this mixed medium makes the reader actually engage in reading and participating, making it much more accessible and easy to enjoy.

I didn't think about the play on black and white, though, and I think it's a fascinating concept to think about because you're right - our perception of this can't be so black and white. There's so many shades of grey and understandings that we're either unlikely to believe or unlikely to care about because of how it would negatively affect us.

Great, great piece overall.

Drea Fetchik said...

i also agree mixed mediums allow the text to mean so much more. It may turn people off to that text, but it also draws in a different type of crowd of thought, which i think can be beneficial. And i think the 'Point Place' website definitely proves that.

And yes I agree it was a good piece :)

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