October 15, 2012

In Black and White

So i know we did not have to read the whole book Persepolis, but i did because once i started reading it I could not put it down. I want to point out the things that i appreciated while reading the book.

The author's ability to distinguish the the progression of time, for instances in the beginning of the book like on page 9 or 35 how the characters all had patterned clothing and how later on everyone was only wearing black (was a beautiful symbol of their loss of freedom and being forced to conform 'mentally' by physically saying yes we obey your rules).

I also love that she did he comic in black and white because I feel like if she did it in color the dramatic shading, of when her crush moved away might not have been as dramatic because there would have been traces of color. Which also go along with my appreciation of her doing this in a comic, because even thought it is morbid it allowed me, as the reader, to see in the eyes of a child. For example a man being cut up into piece. Because my parents are doctors I have seen images of actual people cut up so that child like depiction would have been lost to me. I am glad she used a comic set up because it helped her in a lot of instances (Although it did hurt her a little as well, for example taking the time and the changes that were going on more seriously, but maybe she had to write it in such a way so she could personally deal with all the bad that was surrounding her and still be ok today)

Also that she showed and compared he thoughts as a child during the change and an adult after the change had occurred. It should not only had she evolved but that the environment around her, her language had also changed as the time had changed.

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