October 15, 2012


While doing this weeks short critical discussion, the word "language" is still stuck in my head. I've stretched this word to the best of my capacity and felt like its best to leave some of my thoughts and questions to the rest of the bloggers from class. I discussed and put into conversation the works of Burke "The Rhetoric of Hitler's Battle" and McCloud's "Vocabulary of Comics." While they both seem very different they both deal with language in different ways. Some of the questions that i brought into argument were.. "If language can be seen as symbols, sounds and gestures, what could we say the language that is being spoken through this book? Can we say that language is being used in this situation?" By book Im referring to Hitler's Book Mein Kampf. I discussed how Hitler uses the phrase "common enemy" to help unite those against the Jews. The Jews then symbolizes something Evil. How could we relate the book of Adolf Hitler to the use of Language, and what symbols did anyone else find in the book that could serve as language.

 It also lead me to think about the question. Are all symbols a form of language? Many of us would argue that all symbols are not language. I personally feel that if one symbol represents or is relatable to more then one person then at that moment it becomes a language. Its something that is understood and shared between two "Human" beings. Also i could possibly be wrong, but that helps as well as complicates the talk about what is language, and if language does or doesn't have limitations. 

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