November 5, 2012

The shift

In our reading it was good to see how Lanlow made a shift in mediums form what was once used mediums, like newspapers, to online mediums, like blogs. I felt like I could be more engaged in the reading since in a way it is now involving me and my future. I'm sure it's the same with many of you (since most of us are EWM majors). This only means that we have to be more accepting of hypertext since it is becoming a more apparent thing on our lives. "Composed bodies of linked text..." (as Landlow describes it) We do this everyday. We do this with our blogs, facebook, emails, and the list can go on. Those are just basic everyday uses. Imagine what can be created or what has been created. Can we exceed to something alomst unimaginable? According to Landlow's text our possiblities can expand and it seems like something to take advantage of.


Angela M said...

I feel like the shift he talked about was interesting because most of the mediums we have now are more or less based off of the old mediums. Your idea that we could create new mediums is interesting but, I'm not sure if it was this class or not, the question still remains if we could create new mediums without basing them off of something else?

Carolina Perez-Siam said...

Your response took my finding a step further. More and more hypertext is part of our lives from school activities, to business matters.... to just life. I never seem to able to connect those dots when I am not in the scholastic mind frame, but it is really interesting to think about it in that way. Why do people post links instead of just explaining something they saw?-- Because it is more engaging, and perhaps they can more deeply understand your point if they experience it themselves. It is vey interesting how we create hypertexts all the time, but I don't seem to notice them. (Didn't mean to go on a Facebook rant... this could apply to all our modes of communication like emails etc.)

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